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Cartaz com o programa - Festas Gualterianas
Cartaz com o programa das Festas Gualterianas
Production dates 1954-07-31/1954-08-01
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/11-25-16-6-33
Physical location 11-25-16-6-33
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1947
O cartaz é da autoria de A. Lima.
Production dates 1947-08-02/1947-08-05
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-1
Physical location 6-59-20-3-1
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1946
Production dates 1946-08-03/1946-08-05
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-2
Physical location 6-59-20-3-2
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1948
O cartaz é da autoria de A. Martins Maqueda.
Production dates 1948-07-31/1948-08-03
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-5
Physical location 6-59-20-3-5
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1949
O cartaz é da autoria de A. Lima.
Production dates 1949-08-06/1949-08-09
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-6
Physical location 6-59-20-3-6
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1954
O cartaz é da autoria de Fausto.
Production dates 1954-07-31/1954-08-02
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-4
Physical location 6-59-20-3-4
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1950
O cartaz é da autoria de Mário Dias.
Production dates 1950-08-05/1950-08-07
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-3
Physical location 6-59-20-3-3
Cartaz das Festas Gualterianas - 1952
O cartaz é da autoria de César Abbot.
Production dates 1952-08-02/1952-08-04
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-61-2-1
Physical location 6-61-2-1
Cartaz (faixa) - Festas Gualterianas
Production dates 1947-07/1947-07
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-7
Physical location 6-59-20-3-7
Cartaz (faixa) - Festas Gualterianas
Production dates 1951-07-20/1951-07-20
Reference code PT/AMAP/ASS/AAMG/003/6-59-20-3-8
Physical location 6-59-20-3-8