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Livro de notas
Production dates 1696-08-18/1697-07-09
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-14-8-6
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/014/008/006
Livro de notas nº 44
Production dates 1697-05-01/1698-09-17
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-15-1-1
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/015/001/001
Livro de notas nº 45
Production dates 1697-07-15/1699-03-02
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-15-1-2
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/015/001/002
Livro de notas nº 46
Production dates 1699-05-16/1704-05-18
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-15-1-3
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/015/001/003
Livro de notas nº 42
Production dates 1695-12-27/1696-07-24
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-14-8-4
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/014/008/004
Livro de notas nº 29 - prazos da colegiada
Production dates 1681-11-28/1682-05-16
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-10-5-4
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/010/005/004
Livro de notas nº 8
Production dates 1658-06-10/1660-10-18
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-10-2-3
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/010/002/003
Livro de notas nº 46
Production dates 1699-02-22/1701-06-26
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-12-6-5
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/012/006/005
Production dates 1697-01-24/1699-07-30
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN06/001/9-1-14-8-3
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/014/008/003
Livro de índices de notas
Production dates 1600-05-08/1718-04-12
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/006/N-I-4
Physical location N-I-4