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Livro de notas nº 51
Production dates 1704-04-22/1705-01-25
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-17-4-3
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/017/004/003
Livro de notas
Production dates 1703-01-31/1703-08-16
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-17-4-1
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/017/004/001
Livro de notas nº 53
Production dates 1706-01-07/1707-02-02
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-17-4-5
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/017/004/005
Livro de notas nº 54
Production dates 1707-02-03/1710-12-26
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-17-4-6
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/017/004/006
Livro de notas nº 50
Production dates 1703-08-20/1704-02-23
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-17-4-2
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/017/004/002
Livro de notas nº 52
Production dates 1705-01-30/1705-12-04
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-17-4-4
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/017/004/004
Livro de notas nº 36
Production dates 1689-07-08/1697-07-19
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-10-7-4
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/010/007/004
Production dates 1710-01-24/1710-07-22
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN07/001/9-1-14-1-6
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/014/001/006
Production dates 1701-06-08/1702-11-08
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN07/001/9-1-14-4-7
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/014/004/007
Livro de notas nº 21
Production dates 1674-05-20/1687-06-17
Reference code PT/AMAP/NOT/CN02/001/9-1-10-3-2
Deposit location PT/AMAP/009/001/010/003/002