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Correições do couto de S. Torcato.
Production dates 1605-04-20/1648-12-15
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/002/10-2-1-6-1
Physical location 10-2-1-6-1
Production dates 1823-12-24/1824-12-06
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-7-6
Physical location 10-2-1-7-6
Production dates 1825-01-03/1825-12-29
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-7-7
Physical location 10-2-1-7-7
Production dates 1823-06-02/1823-12-30
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-7-5
Physical location 10-2-1-7-5
Aforamentos do Couto de Ronfe.
Production dates 1812-05-12/1833-04-01
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CRGMR40/10-2-1-8-9
Physical location 10-2-1-8-9
Production dates 1828-02-26/1828-04-20
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-8-4
Physical location 10-2-1-8-4
Production dates 1829-03-21/1829-12-14
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-8-6
Physical location 10-2-1-8-6
Production dates 1831-02-25/1831-11-25
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-8-8
Physical location 10-2-1-8-8
Production dates 1830-01-30/1830-12-30
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/001/10-2-1-8-7
Physical location 10-2-1-8-7
Correições do couto de S. Torcato.
Production dates 1715-01-18/1751-08-04
Reference code PT/MGMR/COU/CSTGMR65/002/10-2-1-6-5
Physical location 10-2-1-6-5