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Production dates 1868-11-02/1884-11-08
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/029/7-23-1-23
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/023
Production dates 1865-12-18/1880-08-20
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/027/7-23-1-38
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/038
O registado: David Naturalidade (freguesia e concelho): Santo Estêvão de Briteiros, Guimarães Data de nascimento: 1907-05-24 Pai: Francisco Antunes Naturalidade (freguesia e concelho): São Salvador de Briteiros, Guimarães Mãe: Joaquina Fernandes Naturalidade (freguesia e concelho): São Salvador d...
Production dates 1907-05-24/1907-05-24
Reference code PT/AMAP/PRQ/PGMR47/001/P-1745/000370
Physical location P-1745-f.3-370
Production dates 1886-05-26/1888-05-11
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/039/7-23-1-42
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/042
Production dates 1872-10-03/1879-01-23
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/012/7-23-1-1
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/001
Production dates 1910-02-18/1928-01-30
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/028/7-23-1-45
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/045
Production dates 1899-02-08/1902-07-14
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/028/7-23-1-48
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/048
Production dates 1898-05-26/1915-04-09
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/040/7-23-1-41
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/041

Simple documentAna

O registado: Ana Naturalidade (freguesia e concelho): Santo Estêvão de Briteiros, Guimarães Data de nascimento: 1907-12-21 Pai: Domingos de Freitas Naturalidade (freguesia e concelho): Mosteiro de Souto, Guimarães Mãe: Ana Maria Naturalidade (freguesia e concelho): Santo Estêvão de Briteiros, Gu...
Production dates 1907-12-22/1907-12-22
Reference code PT/AMAP/PRQ/PGMR47/001/P-1745/000376
Physical location P-1745-f.5(v)-376
Production dates 1892-08-31/1899-02-05
Reference code PT/AMAP/JUD/TJCGMR/S-OF01/040/7-23-1-46
Deposit location PT/AMAP/007/023/001/046